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Thanks to the market surveys on taste tourism and glamping conducted especially for this seminar, JFC presents, for the two types of proposal and with the help of two product specialists, the main trends, the markets and current target segments, level of internationalisation, the direct and indirect related economic activity generated in national tourism, and the weaknesses to be addressed to improve competitiveness.

The topics covered:

Taste Tourism – content and speakers being defined

Glamping - open-air tourism in Italy was born in the 1950s, a period in which the first North European tourists visited the country’s lake and sea coastal shorelines, with their caravans and tents. To meet the requirements of these campers, the first camp sites were opened in Italy. Since then, open-air accommodation has continued to grow, and tourist facilities are continuously reinvented to offer increasingly demanding guests cutting-edge solutions for their holidays. The most recent trend revolutionising the world of camping is called glamping (glamorous camping). Loek van de Loo will explore the latest market trends relating to this phenomenon, which is attracting huge levels of interest at global level.