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The Structogram® Method and its practical applications in tourism

Unlike other methodologies based on behaviour, a variable component that can be influenced by personality, the Structogram® Method is founded on the biological basis of behaviour, that is the temperament of everyone, the part of personality that cannot be changed.

In the tourism environment, this method may be extremely useful, because it enables staff at travel agents and tour operators to recognise customers’ biostructure and consequently respond to their specific requirements promptly and comprehensively both in terms of communication/relations and the product offered, maximising sales and reducing the possibility of error to a minimum. In practice, knowing how to use Structogram® means being able to create “the perfect trip” for every customer, from first contact in the agency to the return home.

The topics dealt with:
- the scientific basis, the three brains
- the biostructural colours: green, red, blue: every biostructure differs from others in terms of colour and special characteristics
- how to recognise ans manage customers based on their biostructure
- practical examples of people with a green, red and blue biostructures: tools, advice and suggestions to recognise and manage them, with a particular focus on the management of negative feedback and disputes