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Best Beach Bar - The competition


What is the best beach bar & restaurant in Italy?

The "Best Beach Bar" competition is launched to find the best bar on Italy’s beaches.

The competition is organised by Mondo Balneare, the leading website on information relating to the seaside, which in partnership with SUN, now in its 34th year (13-15 October 2016), will dedicate a focus to the theme of the “beach bar”, and the solutions available to modernise services for tourists.

The winners will be announced on 1 September 2016 and will receive their awards at SUN in Rimini, where giant images of their bars will also be exhibited.

Beach Bar Restaurant Hotel and the FREL Laboratory

Art direction and organization by: Simone Micheli Architectural Hero in collaboration with: Comufficio and Consorzio FIA.

Interior design by: Simone Micheli

Pav. B5 D5 stand 001

During SUN - Salone Internazionale dell´Esterno - and together with SIA GUEST - il Salone Internazionale dell’Ospitalità - and TTG Incontri - Salone Internazionale del Turismo - Simone Micheli Architect together with Comufficio and Consorzio FIA will shape Beach Bar Restaurant HOTEL & Laboratorio FREL-  a unique experiencing space whose energetic strength comes out the intimate fusion of symbiotic but different aims.

The space is devoted to unconventional hospitality and entertainment: inside it the common areas mix and combine according to the desires of who stays there.

The hotel hall, in front of the sea, crosses sleepy stereotypes becoming a dynamic area for B&F services and for show-cooking; it surprises visitors thank to its innovative and high-technologic solutions that creates super iconic spaces.

The restaurant, located in the heart of the hotel, becomes both coffee-bar and lounge-area.

The vital sap covers every space multiplying its functions and, as in human body, guarantying continuous movements.

Therefore the space becomes a deep expression of the meaning of the economic values that the hybridization process contains, broadcasting clear and concise messages.

The importance of each volumetric space, belonging to common dimension, comes out form the chameleonic transformation of areas and aims and it becomes an innovative solution to satisfy visitors needs and widening horizons.

Beach Bar Restaurant HOTEL & Laboratorio FREL is an interesting format both from expressive and content points of view. It breaks out with traditional views linked with the hospitality field, showing to visitors which new trends will animate food and hospitality sectors and also that from interaction and interconnectivity amazing places can arise. In them each experience becomes and integrated part of everyday life of humans. 

Beach Bar Restaurant HOTEL & Laboratorio FREL is a fluid circular space that immerge visitors into suspended reality, out of traditional canons that usually drive fair's installations. It is a place devoted to exchanges and experimentations.

High quality elements and propositive point of reflections characterize prototypes that furnish the space, made by the prestigious sponsoring companies.

Each element is conceived for this occasion showing its being a peculiar work of art to live.

The floor is made by concrete tiles and an heavenly white textile ( 7 meters high) circumscribes the installation borders ( 8 meters diameter) making the light coming in. Totem made by innovative materials - glazed ceramic and  alveolar plastic - liven up the atmosphere and ceramic tables with rounded corners make the space shiny and interactive, promoting relations and meetings.

The space is scenographic and involving:  big mirrors circumscribe video-screens, multiplying and fragmenting images and transforming them into proper icons. Sounds, colors and perfumes combine together also thank to the use of innovative nebulizers. They originate an hybrid, live and synesthetic combination able to involve the totality of human’ senses. A great work by the photographer Maurizio Marcato is behind the reception and it completes the intensity of the room increasing its charm and meaning. 

Beach Bar Restaurant HOTEL & Laboratorio FREL  is a deep and intense installation characterized by majestic and defined traits. It is an hybrid, expressive and vigorous place that is born with the aim of showing the multi functionality of spaces, their contamination and the great evolution of hospitality field in last years. 

Media partner:

Abet Laminati
AD design
Agro B
Consorzio AMP
MB Sedie
MEF Distribuzione Materiale Elettrico
Rober Glass

Technical partner:
Studio 2 Rimini
Sign System