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.Rimini, 2nd October 2017 - Ten Italian-made technological revolutions are ready to change the beach experience. From robots for lifeguards that pension off their old oar-powered boats to machines that instantly freeze any glass, keeping drinks cool for a long time, through to an app that brings sharing economy to beaches and the floating eco-luxury module for harmonious moments on the sea: these are the ten start-ups spotlighted at SUNnext, the area dedicated to innovation in the context of SUN (the expo showcasing the outdoor world, being held from 12 to 14 October 2017 at Fiera di Rimini simultaneously with TTG Incontri and SIA Guest).

The initiative, organized by Italian Exhibition Group, Mondo Balneare and CNA Emilia-Romagna, will offer ten young companies the possibility of having a free stand in the context of the key professional trade fair for outdoor tourism.

Now at its second edition, more than twenty companies from all over Italy entered for SUNnext: five from Emilia-Romagna, the others from Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany, Lazio and Campania.

Freezemakerlife (Turin) is a small glass-chilling machine that instantly freezes any glass, ensuring that drinks served on the hot summer beaches stay cool for a long time.

Marinapp (Cesena) brings the sharing economy to the beach thanks to a smart app that offers beach facilities´ seasonal clients the opportunity of earning, sharing their beach umbrellas on the days on which they don´t use them and giving other clients the chance to book them at advantageous rates. The beach facility owner can thus attract new clients and keep a check on the absence of seasonal clients.

Iavarone Wood Technology (Naples) presented BLU (Beach Luxury Unit), a floating wooden beach module in Siberian larch that interprets in an original and pleasant manner a new way to ensure a harmonious atmosphere on the sea, as a unique exclusive experience, in line with all the features of luxury tourism. The aim of BLU is to put at users´ disposal a small corner of peace and tranquillity in absolute privacy, immerged in an exclusive context, far from the coast, away from crowded beaches or on inland waters.

Studiomapp (Ravenna) developed Qirate travel, a revolutionary Web site for finding hospitality facilities on the basis of the zone´s tourist services, which will have at the centre of its trials the Romagna coast. Studiomapp was the first start-up from Emilia-Romagna to enter the business incubation centres of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Italia Sea Rescue System (Rome) has built an automatic craft that can be piloted directly onboard by the lifeguard, to reach any bathers that are in danger in a few moments and bring them ashore. The device, with an electric motor, has already been approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport for use as an aid for life-saving at sea, does not require any free channel for leaving the beach and is ready to pension off lifesavers´ old oar-powered ´mosconi´ definitively.

Classedil (Ravenna) presented Mutabox, a temporary support structure for outdoor spaces, able to provide the services necessary for public entertainment events, cultural activities and entertainment. Mutabox can host toilets, closets, info points, temporary bars and more, in an easily transported and assembled ´box´ that can also become a stage or screen for projections and events.

Paname (Rimini) had lazier seaside tourists in mind with Your Beach, a handy app to order at the bar from under one´s beach umbrella, integrated with innovative control software designed specifically for beach facilities.

Enki Stove (Leghorn) is a green cooking device, featuring sustainable technology that transforms biomass (wood and pellets) into gas, without producing annoying fumes and harmful emissions, all with the utmost ease and safety.

Roberto Rossi Design (Forlimpopoli) had the idea of Monolith, a shower with built-in solar panel and solar tracker system that combines environmental sustainability and design.
Botanybay (Verona) has patented Manta, an exclusive above-ground pool realized with an avant-garde fabric structure and metal frame.

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